Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Suburban Hydroponics

I live in a five-storey apartment building in a pretty decent area of town. No broken down cars, not much crime, quiet, Tesco just up the road, and a modest amount of graffiti. My apartment is what you would call a 'penthouse'; top-floor, balcony out front, terrace out back. It's not a bad place to live.

Last year I got some new neighbours directly below me. I didn't have many problems with them until a couple of weeks later.

A Welcoming Haiku

Welcome to Raoow!

Eleven years in the making and we've finally made it.

You've found an eclectic mix of rants, raves, reviews, stories and general rubbish from four guys from New Zealand.

To kick things off, Chris recently dug a haiku up from the Raoow! archives: 

I'd understand him
if only he didn't use
misdeceiving words.