Monday, 3 May 2010


Just last week, we had 'Bigotgate'. Gordon Brown said some stuff in private without turning off his microphone. First of all, the word bigot isn't a swearword. It's someone who is intolerant of people with differing opinions. And? At least he didn't call her a f***ing b*tch.

But I call to attention the name of the so-called "scandal". For those of us from NZ, who can forget 'Paintergate' and 'Corngate'? In fact, there are many more of them, with names such as 'Fajitagate', the very originally named 'Liegate', and I'mma let you finish, Kanyegate.

The media need to get over the use of the -gate suffix every time there is some kind of scandal. It's not original. It's not funny. It's not good journalism. Most of these "scandals" barely warrant being called scandals, let alone being compared to Watergate. Though in the land of the soundbite and catchphrase, I can see why few have spoken out about it before.

Anyone have suggestions for a replacement?

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