Sunday, 20 June 2010

Gaming: The Final Chapter

And so we come to the final chapter in my gaming journey. My 486 DX2 was serving me well, though by this time it was getting a bit too slow for my liking, unable to play the demanding games of the time. One day at school I got a call from my parents telling me we'd been robbed. Our house had been cleared out, right down to the bottles of wine. My computer, the tiny HDD full of precious games and documents, was lost forever. The police were too "busy" to complete any kind of investigation, which left me feeling incredibly depressed. All was not lost: a silver lining appeared thanks to our insurance company, who replaced the stolen computer with one worth the same amount at the time we had bought it. Our new Pentium MMX running at 233 MHz was installed, introducing us to fancy new Windows 95, and a new world of processing power. Even though I remained bitter about losing a piece of my history, it didn't take long before I'd forgotten about it and had immersed myself in a new category of graphically intensive games.

Ultima VIII: Pagan (1994)

Ultima 8 is one of the most important games for both Chris and I (see Chris's earlier post Ultima VIII: The Lost Vale for more). I first came across it in 1997 when a friend gave me the game to borrow for the weekend. I quickly became hooked, sharing my updates with friends at school every week. U8 was around at the same time as Relentless, and though the graphics were less impressive, I was drawn much closer to the environment and atmosphere of U8. I never actually finished it as I got stuck without the right reagents and couldn't continue. My patience for games has never been that great and I couldn't be bothered trying again. It's funny considering the esteem in which I hold this game, so I suppose I should find some time and get it running on DOSBox. On a side note, I tracked down a boxed version of U8, complete with cloth map and pentagram coin. It's sitting in my cupboard next to a few other old gems, reminders of the brief period of game collecting I went through.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Super Space Invaders Remixed

Weka, a Wellington-based music producer, has remixed the Super Space Invaders theme, as mentioned in my earlier article Gaming: Non-PC Platforms. Hear the track over at SoundCloud.

For more on Weka, check out his website at