Thursday, 1 July 2010

Doritos Rant

Since I came back from Papua New Guinea I've noticed something new in New Zealand.


On billboards, in shops and in vending machines, there it is, such an obvious brand staring at you. This is new, it's not like I wasn't aware of Doritos as a commodity. We get pretty much everything from America. Movies, TV, literature, comics, McDonalds, KFC et al. you name it. It's just it seems like such an obvious product. It's a junk food brand with a stigma attached to it, by way of American media we get the negative idea of some pimpled nerd or fat bloke standing there all grubby chomping on them, the same with Cheetos (which we also don't have, I think) or something. You hear about these and consider how we don't have them here and think, oh well, they haven't quite got us yet.

Except now we do.

So it's just one more American sleeper agent creeping into our economy. I'm not saying I'm against American stuff, and this is definitely not a rant about buying NZ made, but it just seems like such an obnoxious brand to me. I could do without Starbucks though, now that I think of it. Or "come in here swill our mediocre crap" in exchange for free wireless. I'm not going to lie and say that I never went there, but that was highschool and I snapped out of it soon enough. Starbucks is probably the worst just because of the fact that it is FUCKING EVERYWHERE. Omnipresent even. It's like when you'd type swear words into Sim City 2000 and suddenly there'd be churches popping up everywhere.

I guess we'll be in real trouble when we start getting Taco Bell.

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