Wednesday, 11 August 2010

It was so great working with them

Don't you just love it when celebrities, droning on at the inevitable release-date interview - you know the ones, in a dark room in front of the film poster, where they go on about how amazing the film was despite the fact that it got universally panned - talk about how great it was working with their co-stars. One of the first questions always asked by the over-eager and sickeningly bubbly so-called film reporter is "what was it like working with X?" to which comes the response "X is a really amazing person, such fun to work with, makes everyone laugh and really takes his/her acting seriously." Sometimes things go wrong in these interviews, as shown in this video, where the "interviewer" mistakes John Cusack for Kevin Spacey. I mean, duh! They are like, totally different guys! But hey, I do understand her confusion, all those middle-aged brown-haired male actors eventually merge into one anyway especially in the context of the release-date interview where all they're going to go on about is the same old shit about how great a person their co-star and director are and how fantastic the film is.

Come on now guys, they can't all be such amazing people. Whatever happened to a little honesty? I thought people respected truth-telling more than the manufactured watered-down family friendly drivel. People like Henry Rollins tell it like it is, you might not agree, you might think he's ranting like a lunatic, but at the very least you're hearing exactly what he thinks. And yes, I do detect the fact that I'm using Henry Rollins as an example in a rant about actors when his most notable performance on screen was the angry nerd in Johnny Mnemonic, but it illustrates my point. Why can't the so-called gritty A-list actors, often playing people who don't take any crap, occasionally break out with "Man, to be honest that guy is a total douche. He was a prick on set, a prick to the director, a prick to the drinks guy, and a prick to me." When that happens, I'll respect Hollywood slightly more. Which won't be much, really.

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