Monday, 13 May 2013

Thoughts on Superman (and America)

Superman: The American we need.
As a comic book fan, who regularly attempts to provoke discussion about comic books, with non-fans and fans a like, one of the trends I've noticed is that people don't really like Superman that much. From experience people seem to feel this way for a number of reasons. He's too powerful, he's too clean cut, too good a guy. In this day and age he's not edgy enough compared to someone like Batman. He's too... Alien a concept for people to aspire to. Not because he's an alien, but because he's too good to be true. Literally.

After several failed attempts to bring success on the big screen since the first few Christopher Reeve movies, they're having another attempt, and I for one am really hoping they pull it off. I like Superman. I like the idea of him. Strange visitor from another world comes to Earth presenting an ideal for us all to strive towards. What's not to like? He's kind of like Jesus, but without the religion. Sci-fi Jesus. Science Jesus.